Divine Anti-ageing Face Care Favorites

An anti-ageing face care trio that will restore, regenerate and reveal younger-looking skin.
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Divine Anti-ageing Face Care Favorites


With 5 registered patents, this anti-ageing skincare trio provides complete rejuvenation of the skin by lifting the features, redefining facial contours and brightening dark spots as well as skin’s tone to ensure that the skin retains its youthful glow. 

This anti-ageing face care set includes: 
Immortelle Divine Cream 50ml
Immortelle Divine Extract 30ml
Immortelle Divine Eyes 15ml


Capture the light of the majestic Corsican sun with our Divine collection. All our products use the astonishing anti-aging qualities of the Immortelle, well-known for its golden flowers which never fade. Our range of award-winning products fight the visible signs of aging providing instant replenishment and softness. Just like the Immortelle, ensure a everlasting youthful complexion. WHICH AGING CARE IS BEST FOR YOUR SKIN? > Divine