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ALMOND COLLECTION - Treat your body with love - l'Occitane

Treat your body with love

Our Almond range is both deliciously addictive and wonderfully sensual. The creamy, tender and silky textures provide long lasting softness and melt into skin. A real pleasure for the senses!   


There's so much more to almond…

Behind the delicious textures of our Almond products lies a story about reintroducing almond trees into Provence, L'OCCITANE being deeply concerned about sustainability and biodiversity as well as attached to its roots in Provence. After the harsh winter of 1956, almond trees were abandoned to make way for more profitable crops. But now, thanks to the Jaubert brothers, they have been replanted on the Valensole plateau. Soon there will be over 30,000!


Meet Jean-Pierre Jaubert, an Almond Producer in Alpes de Provence, France

We are committed to sourcing almond from local producers in the South of France so that the almond tree, which had long been forgotten in the region for favor of Olives, could again become a familiar element of the Provençal landscape.
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