Our Philosophy

 'Same gestures, always, of season in season, from generation to generation… These gestures which learned nature, I admire them each time I meet these men and these women of my native Provence or besides. With them, I share this major direction of the traditions and this constant concern of the respect of nature'.

Olivier baussan, L'Occitane Founder



Scents and Sensations
Stroll through Provence and you are struck by the rich colors, scents and beauty of this abundant land. Every day the people of Provence celebrate their pleasant lifestyle and abundant soil. When Olivier Baussan created L’OCCITANE, he set out to capture this bounty in all-natural products. Today, more than twenty-five years later, the fertile south of France remains the inspiration for all L’OCCITANE products.

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Our true stories
The generous Provence climate and soil yield an exceptional variety of fragrant plants with unique properties. Olivier’s objective was to revive their use, preserve local customs and update traditional products. Behind each of L’OCCITANE’s inspirations is “A True Story.”  
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Intangible values    

Reviving traditions is only part of the L’OCCITANE philosophy. Respect for the environment, consumers, suppliers and employees is ingrained in every aspect of the company.


A true Commitment