From mother to daughter: beauty secrets

Mothers and daughters share a lot of secrets. They are passed down or inherited, and beauty tips have always had a special place among them. L'Occitane meets four Provençal mothers and daughters to discuss their beauty rituals and what beauty means to them. Is it like mother, like daughter?

By L'Occitane en Provence 

Danielle (60) & Morgane (31)

Their beauty secret: 'homemade'. For this pair, beauty is something which is shared. For generations the women in this family of Vietnamese origin have passed down their beauty rituals. "For acne problems, you should cut a lemon in half and rub it on your skin. It's a technique I started using when I was young and which I passed onto my daughters", reveals Danielle. In their kitchen beside the cookery books. "Mix together a little bit of oil and soap, scrubs made with coffee grounds in particular are really effective", adds Morgane.

They laugh like partners in crime, joking in a way which really reflects their vision of beauty: "Eyes, smile, attitude", three key ingredients that for Danielle and Morgane make a woman beautiful.

© Sonia Schlaeintzauer

Anne-Marie (55) & Émilie (35)

Their beauty secret: apply floral water to your face each morning to wake up the skin in a fresh and fragrant way.When she was younger, Émilie watched her mother apply cornflower or camomile floral water. "When I was a teenager I started borrowing her products and doing what she did. Ever since it's been part of my morning routine". A routine which she has made her own by using orange blossom water. But the similarities don't end there!

Sharing the same natural beauty ideal, "which is more about attitude than artifice", the two women laugh at the similar way in which they apply face cream. Both mother and daughter apply the cream in the shape of a number '2', going from the forehead to the cheeks. "It's funny because before we talked about it, I had no idea that I did exactly the same thing. It seems that mother-daughter imitation is a powerful thing!", confides Émilie.

© Sonia Schlaeintzauer

Katia (45), Clara (15) & Ornella (13)

Their beauty secret: a healthy lifestyle, both in front of the bathroom mirror as well as in everyday life. The three brunettes all have different personalities and beauty habits, but they all agree on the secrets of beautiful skin. They recite it almost by heart: "get 8 hours sleep, get some fresh air every day, play sport and never miss the evening ritual: a deep cleanse followed by a good hydrating cream".

Aside from these essentials which they share, each has their own nightly bedtime beauty ritual. Ornella brushes her hair and always puts on lip balm, Clara moisturises her legs and Katia always takes off her make-up and carefully cleanses her face. Katia puts it beautifully when she says there are lots of little things which "contribute to making someone beautiful, in the full sense of the word".

© Sonia Schlaeintzauer

Margot (54) & Célia (20)

Their beauty secret: deeply nourished skin. In unison, Margot and Célia reel off the three golden rules they have come up with together: "first off, stay well hydrated by drinking one litre of water per day, regularly treat your face, body and hair, and also use certain dietary supplements".

However, their vision of beauty is not limited to this "organically inclined" routine. Beauty for them also means the famous foot massage which mum gives her daughter when she feels like she needs a pick-me-up. Or more recently for Margot, it means taking up sport again, and thinking about putting on make-up on Sundays for herself, her daughter and her friends.

© Sonia Schlaeintzauer

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