L'Occitane en Provence

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A range of L'OCCITANE for men have the nature of Provence with odors relatives of lavender, rosemary, citrus and dried herbs. All products of the line highlight the sobriety male with materials such as wood and mint.


When L'Occitane is inspired legends Provencal

“One really has to be the son of a shepherd to be familiar with transhumance, or seasonal migration, a tradition that older generations have handed down, and one that forms a close connection to nature. Of all the shepherd’s activities, there is one that has always fascinated me. It is perhaps one of the simplest and most natural traditions: the extraction of Juniper oil”   

Olivier Bausssan


Used to treat the wounds of animals during seasonal migration for its curative properties and reinforcing the essential oil of Juniper was also used to protect the hands and face of the shepherds who were often battered by wind and sun.
Today, the distillation of traditional species of wild Juniper or CADE (as called in Provence) has been virtually extinct, but its long history, as something that is passed on from generation to generation, has kept alive the magic of this ingredient.

In addition to the history of juniper, L'Occitane also has relied on other stories and traditions and to offer products for men:


In Provence, it was said that during the great plague of 1630, four thieves looted the houses without worrying about being contaminated. His secret to the legend, came from a composition made for themselves a base of aromatic vinegar that would have protected from the epidemic. The Eau de Toilette des 4 voleurs (water of the 4 robbers), is a fragrance with a fresh shining, mixing herbs and spices to achieve a dominant tone subtly wild Woody.


From ports in the Mediterranean we get spices from distant horizons, as Badian-star anise in Asia. The Badian, sometimes guide, sometimes poet, invites the traveler to the imaginary. Each night around the fire, account for the curious history of the first flashes of the world. The eau de Toilette du Badian (water of the Badian) blends tea with citrus, enhanced with a hint of spices that gave rise to a fund Woody and aniseed.


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